My name is Ed and I am a programmer by trade.  I have spent many years toiling behing a C++ compiler writing code for desktop apps on the Windows platform (hey, it’s a living).  Most of those apps have been in the real-time data delivery field, but I’ve also worked in some small RAD shops producing whatever the current emergency demanded.  Other interests of mine include creating websites for fun and profit and more recently blogging for the heck of it. 

I have also written quite a few commercial (and non-commercial) apps in C# both for the desktop and the web.  The number of things to learn in the field of programming never ceases to amaze, and I suppose I will be twiddling bits in one form or another until I go to my greater reward in the Lord’s Eternal Kingdom. 

My intention is to provide some answers to thorny programming problems I have run into over the years and hopefully get some feedback from you and your experiences.  

Sometimes I just like to carry on about life in general and this blog provides a great forum for that also.  

Why the name?

What’s up with the name of the site – Midniteblog.com?  Much of my thinking, writing and coding happens late at nite when it’s quiet.  Hence, much of this blog will be written in the midnite hours.  Just makes sense that the site would be appropriately named.


If some code you find here is useful, please take it, modify it and use it as you wish.  However, please note that I take NO responsibility for the correctness of any code here or for its usefulness for any particular purpose.  There are probably bugs in the code so use it AT YOUR OWN RISK.

With that said,

Welcome to Midniteblog.com !

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