Copy Directory Recursively

There are a few things in C# that are not as easy to do as they should be. For instance, copying a directory along with all of its subfolders and contained files. What I want is a function that looks like this:

Directory.Copy(string sourceDir, string destDir)
I couldn’t find such a function in the .NET framework so I wrote a recursive one myself:

using System.IO;
private static void CopyDirectory(string srcDir, string destDir)
    if (destDir[destDir.Length - 1] != Path.DirectorySeparatorChar)
        destDir += Path.DirectorySeparatorChar;

    if (!Directory.Exists(destDir))

    string[] entries = Directory.GetFileSystemEntries(srcDir);
    foreach (string entry in entries)
        //Recursive CopyDirectory call here
        if (Directory.Exists(entry))
            CopyDirectory(entry, destDir + Path.GetFileName(entry));  
            File.Copy(entry, destDir + Path.GetFileName(entry), true); 

You just need to make sure the directories are not already contained within each other in some way or it could be copying files until your drive fills up!

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