Publishing and managing web sites is always an interesting challenge and it helps to be able to generate extra income from them from programs like AdSense.  Recently, Google has allowed its publishers to monetize YouTube views/clicks by putting some script on their sites.

That is great, or so I thought, until the other morning I got a couple of emails from Google saying my site was distributing “malware.”  Quite a surprise to me since I strive to keep my sites as clean as possible.  Sure enough, upon going to the site, my anti-virus protector went crazy, complaining about JS/Psyme.J virus, Bugnraw!generic virus (Bugnraw!generic was detected in …\UIIL.EXE), and Hopee!generic virus.  It kept trying to download something from golnanosat.com/in ( and wanting me to approve an exe to run that was signed by HiPoint Ltd, S.A.

What is going on here??  After a couple of days of digging, I believe the source was the YouTube video strip that I was embedding in my pages.  I took it off the page, and the virus warnings stopped.

It’s nearly impossible to get Google to take the “malware” warning off your site, but how ironic that it might be caused by a company that they own.  I hope they will at least take a look at this problem and determine if someone is hacking their YouTube publisher scripts.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem?


  1. I experienced the same thing on my blog at dgoshorn.com, and do indeed have a YouTube video embedded on the frontpage. Thx for the post!

  2. OK. So as a follow up and in fairness to Google, they did lift the malware warning on my other site, but it took 5 days for them to review and clear it. In the meantime, my traffic took a big hit.
    Thanks for lifting it, Google folks, but how about looking into the malware the bad guys are stuffing into You Tube videos your publishers are putting on their sites?