Visual Studio is incredibly slow to load and that makes it almost prohibitively hard to use.

Some examples:
-I am typing this post while waiting for Visual Studio to get done with whatever it is doing.  I merely opened an .aspx file and that was 11 minutes ago.  The application window is “Whited out” (in Vista) and the title bar says “Microsoft Visual Studio (Not Responding).”  The site has quite a few files, but is not incredibly large.  Hasn’t Microsoft ever heard of multithreading UIs?

-After the site finally loads, whenever I edit a page, there is a constant annoying delay that locks the UI for a couple of seconds after doing the simplest of things (like pasting some text).  The status bar continues to inform me that it is “Getting file ‘Web.config’ from the Web.”    How often does it need to do this?  Once would seem sufficient, but not for Visual Studio.

-Loading an .XML file.  OMG.  This can also take on the order of MINUTES to load a 20K file.  Meanwhile, Visual Studio is locked solid and “Whited out.”   What is it doing to these files, anyway?

I have really wanted to develop a new book site with Visual Studio, but am seriously considering switching to php because of the slowness of using Visual Studio.

Anyone else had this problem?  (Yes I have tried it on different machines, yes I have a fast connection, and yes, this machine is well-powered with a quad-core and 7 GB of memory).

At Tech-Ed 2007 I sat with a guy from the VS dev team on the bus and bent his ear for a few minutes about this problem (it was the same in Visual Studio 2005).  He sounded pretty clueless, but said he would look into it.   Didn’t look hard enough, I would say.  At least it sure didn’t get fixed.

Well, I can get back to my project now.  Total time to load one small aspx page: 13 minutes.